Ralph Nickerson says:

Ralph NickersonOctober 15, 2011

Portland Public Schools is failing the kids at Jefferson H.S., where attendance in reality is less than the official statistics indicate, where students don't pay attention to the classroom teachers, where a dress code is not enforced, and where subject matter is not appropriate for the students.  Verify these conditions for yourself with a visit to classrooms at Jefferson. Portland school board members should especially do this.

It is time for all adults, not just parents, to come on board and turn the school around or else close Jeff and send the kids to schools where rules are enforced and the curriculum is relevant.

The Jefferson Alumni Association is inactive. It is time for it to come alive and start being part of the solution.

Adults are needed in the classrooms to monitor conditions. Maybe you are going to be able to volunteer some time at the school, in which case click on the Volunteer Form link and get the ball rolling.

Next, take a look at the Star Plan from 1989, supposedly implemented to address the learning gap. Star Plan